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Ello and Nice to meetcha~!!! [/waves hello]

First things first!! Please do call me Blythe since its my IRL nickname~ Also if you'd notice, I just recently joined LJ and I'm QUITE excited. Although, I've been lurking around here for a few weeks... or was it months? Either way, I finally decided to join though I'm just going to test the LJ waters for now before I decide to take on the paid account.

Let's seeeee... I LOVE reading, writing and Beta-ing Fics for my IRL friends and I just decided to see where my love for stories would lead me. Seeing as I was interested in fanfiction.net , I was soon directed to LJ by a couple of authors' profiles. So after lurking around while waiting for my B-day and New Year to pass, I made my decision to try this LJ stuff which was part of my the-new-year-resolution-which-is-always-recycled-every-SINGLE-year. [/snickers] l0l I gave up trying to change my New Year's Resolution which was "Try Something New" since I enjoyed trying something new every year anyway.

Plus, last year's "something new" was listening to new music and participating more actively- and by that I meant more extracurricular. This year I wanted to vent out and chill with me music! Oh Oh OHH!! If you haven't listened to it yet, listen to "Ar Tonelico (AT)" music! The music is namely the game's soundtrack and its SHEERLY AWESOME~ AT music is spoken in a different language. Its CONLANG if you're wondering so if you don't like those kind of things then don't it but I just recommend you to try and check it out. There are TWO conlanguage that make up AT music and the real language would be Japanese. The conlangs are basically: Hymmnos and Ar Ciel and they sound so HEAVENLY~!! [/sighs happily] There are different genres attached to AT music so just check it out on YouTube~

AND going back to fanfics!! I enjoyed writing and reading them. My current and ABSOLUTE fandom are: Harry Potter and Merlin. So, my OTPs are quite obvious: Draco/Harry and Arthur/Merlin~ Also, I usually tend to add anime(s) and manga(s) on the side of my dish. Though I must say, they seem to be more of the Yaoi genre rather than Shoujo -I wonder what happened! [/smirks] I’d love to rec them to y’all ONCE I figure out how to work out LJ. Back in terms of writing, I never ventured out past the T rating yet so it’s mostly PG stuff. [/sighs] I just tend to get uncomfortable writing THOSE kinds off scenes so it turns into a detour back to "K / G" land though there ARE some that are suggestive. I’d also LOVE if someone would Beta my stories – when I finally got them wrapped around my finger which isn’t anytime soon unless I decided to participate in fests. B-BUT! I gotta admit, I AM reading past that rating~ [/laughs] Well, REALLY there would have to be something wrong with me if I wasn't at LEAST curious with those things due to my generation and how dirty it seems to get every single year that passes. [/smirks again]

SOOOO, it was unavoidable really! Since I played those M rated games: such as COD, MW3, and Amnesia. l0l0l No one was stopping me and it was a DARE.[/exasperated] Besides, being dared was the liable reason as to why playing Amnesia always leads me to the end result of me freaking out... Welllll, like I said it was a dare which was issued when I went to sleepover at one of my friends' place which was a basement. So Amnesia’s sound tends to echo CONVINCINGLY around the basement and once you close the lights it’s so dark that the computer screen’s glare is quite bright and blinding- but if I decrease the screen’s brightness then I can’t see the game since its already gloomy. Therefore I have a perfect reason to scream, when I suddenly get chased by one of those THINGS and DIEEEE [/sad face]

SO returning again! I just discovered something SHEERLY AWESOME and tis called PODFICS. I never EVER thought that there would be something better than being able to bring around and read my fave fanfics on my phone since it finally connected to the internet. Now I can listen to them and I won’t have to take out my fingers out to use my phone and risk freezing them off since winter finally decided to visit Toronto! Though, I’m a bit disheartened since there seems to be a low count of Harry Potter Podfics though I’m being satiated by Merlin Podfics~ [/sighs happily] Plus, I’m quite interested in doing Podficcing now. I DO have the spare time, programs and equipment. But, we’ll see where that goes~ [/shrugs]

TO CONClUDE, I think I better let you guyz go your merry way and stop taking more of your merry time. I’m sure you all can see that I tend to wonder towards different things at once so if you can handle that, then just go and pop a comment, email, PM or friend me. l0l I don’t bite… USUALLY –only when I’m threatened overall grumpy and/or pissed off. So just drop by leave a comment or so and see y’all around LJ~

Signing out~